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May. 18th, 2007


Soundtrack to my life

I have spent much of this "free week" after exams have been over working. I've been doing stuff for ETV mostly editing and setting up stuff. It isn't bad and at least I am free to hang out as I wish.

I keep saying I can do this project or that. I got the two big edit projects done that I offered to do. Now I am working on my special end of year DVD. It has everything I did this year. I am pretty happy with what I did. I've been a busy beaver. I ended the video of my videos with a collection of this year's photos. I put it to music. I had to pick the songs that best went with this year. I think it is good too.

I am almost done. Just need to export it and put it on a DVD.

May. 2nd, 2007


End of an Era

Marcus Kevin Kline
RIP 2006-2007

It is sad, but I had to move on. Therefore, Lucas the Lacie Kline came into my life. I finished my trojan war project on him...

This time of year sucks. Its too busy

Apr. 29th, 2007



I think my Lacie Hard Drive died in the middle of the night!!!

It has everything on it!

Apr. 24th, 2007



It's weird. Tomorrow is SURF Day here at Elon. SURF stands for Student Undergraduate Research Forum. We all get the day off from classes to watch the presentations given by fellow students.

Naturally the day before is a big party night.

But since I don't have class tomorrow, I am not getting any extra time. I still have work like any normal tuesday, plus I have the sophomore writing exam.

I walked out of McEwen after editing at midnight when it is normally quiet on a Monday night but there were people all over the place. Its weird.


Apr. 13th, 2007


A loss and a find

The last few days have been completely insane. I went from one production to another and when tragedy struck, I was doing even more.

Wednesday, I produced another news show for my TV Production class. It went a lot smoother than the first because I got everything done beforehand. When that was over I was tired and ready to relatively enjoy my life. I went to see Ambassador Dennis Ross speak. This was around 6:20 when I left. I went in and turned off my ringer like a good person.

I look at my phone and I have 3 voicemails, a text message, and 4 or 5 missed calls. I listen to the Voice mails and Kyle tells me to call him immediately, my dad asks if I heard about the train accident at Elon, and a third plea telling me to call P14. I run over to McEwen to see the crew working like crazy.

We didn't know all of the details at the time, but At 5:40pm, an Elon student walked up onto the train tracks stood and as the engineer blowed his horn, the young man simply turned around facing his death.

The young man was James Mike Foreman and for about 28 hours, he was our lives. We went live twice Wednesday night with what we knew and then again Thursday night. I spoke to a good friend of his. He told me that Mike was the kind of guy who fell through the cracks at Elon. Some people find family and friends in organizations, sororities, et cetera. If we reach out to those people who are sitting along at lunch or walking without anyone to chat with. This would could be a better place. That's what Mike wanted.

Rest In Peace
James Michael Foreman
October 21, 1987 - April 11,2007

Dec. 25th, 2006


A change in policy

Dec. 18th, 2006


Home for the holidays

I am home from school right now. It is kind of boring considering the fact that I got home a lot earlier than most people. They have their exams LATE. So I've been relaxing. Unlike the past few Christmases where I worked or had a funeral to attend (Rest in Peace, Uncle Greg), this one is pure fun. My boss couldn't get me hours to work because I didn't get back to him in time.

I finished my paper and final exams on wednesday. I REALLY needed to start that paper earlier, but I was lazy and got what I deserved. I got it in on time (with only moments to spare). My exams were ok...I think the grades should come out looking good in the end...I hope.

I stayed at school overnight on Wednesday. I went to Megan and Catherine's room to watch some movies, eat pizza, and hang out. I would be gone the next day and likely wouldn't see Catherine until the end of January. She is going to Foggy London Town.

It was fun to go there, but it was like everyone was coupled up. Megan and her friend Bryan. Megan's friend Jess and her friend Bryan (a coincidence) and then...me. The Beatles were wrong, 5 is the loneliest number.

Thursday I drove Kaitlyn to the airport and went home. Mommy and I went out to do some xmas shopping.

Friday I went to Mommy's school to help the little one's make cookies. Those kids wear me out. You have 12 or so kids all wanting to play with the same big strange man. Exhausting. FYI, don't play duck, duck, goose. You will be picked the goose every time.

Saturday, my parents, my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bruce, and I went to Williamsburg. It was a lot of fun as Williamsburg always is. They could only get a reservation for 4 at the restaurant for dinner, so I was on my own. I got a great sandwich at a shop, got some coffee and sat down to read in the book store. It was great. There were a lot of William and Mary students working there. Their finals are spread over 2 weeks!

And that brings me to almost now. I saw Pursuit of Happyness last night with Will and David. It was good, I recommend it. Well I am out to finish up some shopping. Bye.


Dec. 12th, 2006


September 11th

I am writing a paper right now about crisis communications, and a major part has to do with September 11th. My mind wondered back to that day. I was sitting in 9th grade biology working on a lab when the teacher was looking at the TV. Something was on it that got his attention...the rest we know.

But then I thought. That teacher 5 years ago. That teacher today long has a job. He recently resigned, alleged of inappropriate conduct. The rumors (and a quite a bit of evidence) say that he was photographic girls changing. I am sick to the core.


I come home tomorrow or Thursday. Homecoming is this week, I need to think about whether I want to go or not. With this update, they are likely to be REALLY nice to alumni trying to appease us.

Nov. 23rd, 2006



Nov. 22nd, 2006


Comm School 4 LIFE

So I was eating lunch with Catherine yesterday. I hadn't seen her in more than a week (and I blew her off in Saturday because I was stuck with friends who just HAD to go to a Hooka Bar...long story). So I was uber excited. So we are eating in Moseley and I see her dad walk by. He works for the school. I waived my hand and he waived back at me. He didn't acknowledge Catherine. I thought that was super funny. I know it was just because he didn't see her...but still...funny.

Oh...and then I found $20.

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